An overview of AMC Search training for the Shipping sector, including all relevant courses

AMC Search delivers Australia’s most extensive range of training courses designed to meet the needs of the modern shipping industry, from cargo handlers to GMDSS operators.

AMC Search training courses are suitable for on- and off-shore personnel in both operational and supervisory roles.

Where required, our shipping short courses are Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)-approved.

Related Courses

Bespoke Training

As well as short courses, over 50% of our training is bespoke and put together to meet the specific training needs of organisations. We can carry out gap and skills analyses and design and deliver training that works for your organisation. Most of our training can be delivered in Tasmania, with accommodation provided, or at your location.

Bespoke training we’ve provided to the shipping industry includes:

  • Familiarisation training included legal and cargo aspects for the Department of Transport and Regional Services
  • Bridge Officer Watch Keeping Training for Australian Defence
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Simulated training

Our state-of-the-art maritime simulation facilities include a Full Mission Bridge: a full-scale mock-up of a ship and its surroundings. With its advanced and immersive technology, the maritime simulation facility is ideal for shipping industry training in areas such as vessel familiarisation and teamwork. Rather than off-the-shelf solutions, we are experts in putting together bespoke simulated training that meets your organisation’s needs.

Simulated training we’ve delivered to the shipping industry includes:

  • Terminal teamwork for the Port of Sydney
  • Vessel familiarisation for AMSA
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