Hydrodynamics and Naval Architecture

Consulting services for hydrodynamics and naval architecture

AMC Search offers a comprehensive suite of services that support hydrodynamic and naval architecture projects using both numerical simulation and scale model tank testing.

We have decades of experience working closely with clients to test and validate vessel and platform design, stability and efficiency. We consult throughout the project lifecycle, from design concept to prototypes.

Our consultants are experts in propulsion system testing, seakeeping assessments, manoeuvering coefficients and predicting motions and loads. Their experience spans high performance yachts, catamarans, offshore support vessels, offshore platforms and beyond.

AMC Search’s hydrodynamic and naval architecture consulting services are provided using the Australian Maritime College’s world class facilities, to which we have exclusive commercial access.

Our consulting team includes world-renowned hydrodynamic testing and numerical simulation expertise, as well as engineering and project management.

We have extensive experience in:

  • ship motions, powering and manoeuvering
  • high performance yacht design assessments
  • hull efficiency assessments
  • strength and fatigue testing for ship structures
  • floating platform analysis
  • vessel conversion studies
  • vessel assessments in extreme sea states
  • cargo and transfer management analysis
  • propulsion system testing
  • manoeuvering coefficients
  • seakeeping assessments
  • flow visualisation + appendage alignment
  • Vessel wave wake prediction and assessment
  • Ship operations in confined water
  • Berthed ship motions and loads

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