Fast Rescue Boat

Learn how to launch and handle a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC), as well as recover people who have fallen overboard and manage a casualty.

We operate two Fast Rescue Craft (FRC), the R7 and R5 Rescue Boats.

The R7 is a Jet Boat and the R5 is propelled by twin Outboard Motors. A NOREQ davit installed at the Beauty Point training facility completes the FRC system and provides realistic training for the launch and recovery of Fast Rescue Craft. Both the R7 and R5 are used in the delivery of Fast Rescue Craft Courses.

The aim of the FRC course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to safely operate a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) and to recovery and manage a casualty in a FRC, as required by STCW78 as amended. Both FRC vessels are covered by Safety Management Plan approved by Marine Safety Tasmania for commercial training.

The Watercraft R5 is a 5m aluminium RHIB powered by two 4 stroke outboard engines. Fitted with a centre console coxswains position, it is an ideal training platform capable of 28 knots. It is also fitted with self-righting capability.

A NOREQ FRB 650 is fitted with jet propulsion and is capable of 30 knots. It has capacity of 13 personnel and is a modern, flexible and safe training platform. FRC launch and recovery procedure training utilises a NOREQ davit, which is fitted to the wharf at AMC’s Beauty Point campus.

FRC training is approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as meeting the requirements of Table A-VI/2-2 of STCW78, as amended.

FRC training can be conducted onboard client vessels upon request.