Virtual and Augmented Reality

AMC Search produces VR and AR training products for unique learning experiences.

Our expert team of digital production specialists work with pedagogical experts to produce VR and AR based training courses that help boost knowledge retention by giving trainees/students the opportunity to learn through experience.

Our VR and AR training courses allow the user to be fully immersed in the learning experience, in a safe, repeatable environment and can be developed in three ways:

Non interactive

  • Trainees are are observing their surroundings in a non-interactive way. For example, a walk through a new work site to provide basic safety knowledge.

Fully interactive

  • Trainees are 100% immersed in their surroundings performing learning tasks individually or engaging with others linked together in multi-trainee mode.

The blend

  • Trainees move in and out of VR/AR environments. Some tasks are completed within a VR/AR environments and then a trainee steps out of that zone into a PC platform.

Contact our team for a discussion to see if VR/AR is the right solution for your training requirements.