Lakes and Dams

The AMSL Fleet of AUVs and USVs are capable of conducting bathymetric, volume assessment and feature detection surveys autonomously and without human input once the vehicle/vessel is on mission.

Our ability to employ both AUV and USV to undertake surveys allows us to provide optimal outcomes for clients. AUVs allow sensors to be deployed in close proximity to the seabed. This greatly improves underwater object detection and classification. Whilst the use of USVs either concurrent with AUVs and other USVs greatly increases the time efficiency of survey completion. Finally, our Educat USV and our other ‘micro’ USVs with their very small displacement permit the efficient and safe survey of very shallow waters.  Our clients include both defence and civilian based organisations.

AMC Search specialises the completion of lake and dam survey activities targeted at the specific needs of our clients. Please contact Mr. Chris White, Manager Defence & Autonomous Systems on +61 402 064691 or If you have any questions about this capability or require any further information. 

Sample Bathymetry Report of Lake Rosebery, Tasmania

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Bathymetry Report of the First Basin, Launceston, Tasmania

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