Maritime Infrastructure Engineering

The AMC Search engineering team has a strong track record in working on maritime infrastructure projects.

From mooring analysis through to navigation assessments, our engineers have experience at working on major projects. Examples of projects that our engineers have worked on include:

  • Investigations to berth and moor larger cruise vessels alongside a breakwater wharf extension berth 
  • Static and Dynamic mooring analysis to determine limiting environmental conditions
  • Design of a reinforced concrete beam runway for a 75 t vessel travel lift 
  • Landside facility layouts such as the Dry Boat Storage rack configuration 
  • Assessing acoustic impacts of the boat maintenance facility on nearby dwellings 
  • Marina berth configurations, layouts and navigability 
  • Project management for a reference design and construction management of a refuelling and sewage pumpout facility 
  • Estimating vehicle traffic across various pavement areas 
  • Planning and running navigation simulations at the Australian Maritime College’s Full Bridge Simulator to measure impacts on existing shipping 
  • Develop mooring arrangement to withstand infragravity wave storm events by using MIKE 21 Dynamic Mooring Analysis software for the FSRU 

This experience enables AMC Search to offer the following Maritime Infrastructure Engineering services:

Port Masterplanning

Mooring analysis

  • Static mooring analysis with Optimoor
  • Dynamic mooring analysis with software such as Optimoor, OrcaFlex, and AQWA

Navigation assessments

  • Desktop review through to managing the full mission bridge simulators

Larger vessel studies

  • Revised berth weather limits
  • Vessel berthing assessment
  • Review of existing mooring and berthing infrastructure  

Concept jetty/marina berth configurations

Independent peer review of the above items

Our engineers work closely to all appropriate Australian Standards and applicable classification society regulations.