Survival Centre

Our Survival Centre, including a heated pool and a mock ship's superstructure, provides front line training for the maritime industry, including fishermen and passenger ship crew.

Controlled survival exercises

Our Survival Training Centre provides an indoor facility for controlled survival exercises.

A large indoor pool is adjacent to a mock-up of a ship’s superstructure, which is complete with life raft launching facilities and other life-saving appliances.

The centre is able to be blacked out for simulated night exercises and can also create water turbulence, rain, wind noise and simulated storm effects.

The centre also contains a fully-equipped classroom where safety equipment currently used at sea can be demonstrated and examined in detail, before practical exercises are conducted.

As well as conducting survival and safety training in the Survival Training Centre, we can conduct survival training courses offsite, wherever there is a room for the theory sessions to be conducted and suitable water for practical sessions.

Watch: find out more about training in the Survival Centre