Towing Tank

Our towing tank is the largest and only commercially operating towing tank in Australia and New Zealand.

At 100 metres long, the towing tank can tow structures at up to 4.6 metres per second. It is used to measure the resistance of objects in moving water, such as ship hulls, submersibles, offshore oil rigs, and submarines.

Test are made by towing models at varying speeds and in different environmental conditions such as heavy waves. The results enable recommendations to be made about how to reduce fuel costs, to limit environmental damage or how to design vessels for optimum efficiency.

The tank has a depth that can be varied providing the ability to conduct experiments in very shallow water depths and can accommodate up to six passengers for viewing purposes.

A software controlled wave-maker generates a wide variety of wave forms. Once a test is completed, wave dampening devices rapidly return the body of water to a calm state, removing the need for long wait times between experiments.

At a Glance

At 100 metres long, the towing tank can tow structures at up to 4.6 metres per second.

Length 100 metres
Width 3.55 metres
Depth 0 to 1.6 metres (standard = 1.5m)
Model towing carriage speed 0 to 4.6 metres/second
Typical model length 1.0 to 2.5 metres

Consulting projects

AMC has considerable consultancy experience in test and analysis techniques and has been involved in over 400 commercial consultancy projects. We've worked with both straightforward towing tank tests on conventional craft as well as specialist experimentation and unusual configurations.

Testing has covered a wide range of vessels including:

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