Pilot and Port Team Training

World-class pilot and port team training delivered by maritime professionals.

AMC Search delivers Australia's premier Pilot and Port Team Training to both crew and shoreside staff. Delivered by industry experts on world class equipment, our clients receive the best available maritime training. 

If you have a specific training requirement not listed below, please contact Capt. Richard Dunham, Manager Commercial Simulations on 03 63249850 or email richard.dunham@amc.edu.au.


Advanced Pilot Training

AMC Search Advanced Marine Pilot Training is delivered by Human Factors specialist Ben Brooks with support from Marine Pilot Peter Dwyer and award-winning maritime law specialist Captain John Kavanagh using Australia's most advanced Marine Pilot training facilities.

The course is for marine pilots, ship masters and senior deck officers, as well as managers of shipping companies and authorities.

Bridge Resource Management

The AMC Search Port Team Training program includes bespoke human factor training and Bridge Resource Management courses. 

The AMC Search Bridge Resource Management course is approved by AMSA and aims to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents by encouraging safe and responsible behaviour at all levels of the decision-making process.

Human Factors/Elements Training

The bespoke human factor/elements training courses are developed by Human Factors specialist Ben Brooks who works closely with an organisation to develop a course that meets their specific objectives. This could include addressing specific issues affecting safety and productivity caused by communication and process blocks between mariners and managers.

The training courses cover topics including fatigue, stress, situational awareness, perception and sensing, and decision making to ensure that sound resource management practices underpin everyday operations.

ECDIS Training

Using our suite of desktop simulators, the ECDIS course follows the requirements of IMO Model Course 1.27, and results in an AMSA approved ECDIS Operator’s Certificate. The training looks at the operational use of ECDIS as well as the regulatory and operating characteristics of implementing navigation using ECDIS as the primary navigational system.