Check Pilot Training

This course develops skills in experienced pilots associated with how checking is an integral component of a safety management system, the role it plays in improving a safety culture, and the process of developing and implementing checking systems.

AMC Search’s Check Pilot course is designed for marine pilots working as Check Pilots and/or designing or improving checking systems. Taught by human factors specialist Associate Professor Ben Brooks, this hybrid course includes an online component and 1.5 days of structured simulations to build and evaluate practical skills. In this AMSA Approved course we aim to give you the knowledge and skills to create and apply extremely effective tools to use to make your checking process as good as it can be. This will support your organisation’s journey towards high reliability and an ultra-safe system of work.

You will be able to bridge the divide between work as imagined (WAI) and work as done (WAD). You will support your organisation to meet one of the key components of its safety management system. You will more deeply understand your role as a leader and the way you shape the culture and support continual improvement. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the organisational and systems context in which check piloting exists and the contribution it makes to those environments.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of competency-based assessment. 
  3. Understand how to build and implement checking systems in marine pilotage. 
  4. Demonstrate effective debriefing of pilots following observation under a range of conditions within a simulated environment. 


  • AMC is AMSA approved to provide the ‘Check Pilot Training Course’, as an ‘approved pilotage training course’, in accordance with Division 8 of Marine Order 54 (Coastal pilotage) 2014 (MO54).
  • Approved by Safe Transport Victoria as meeting the requirements of the Determination for Licensing and Training Requirements for Marine Pilots in Victoria, clause 51(c).
  • Course is delivered with Australia’s most advanced Marine Pilot training facilities including:
    • A de-briefing room with a 60” fully interactive touch screen chart table linked to the full Mission Bridge simulator for real time information and exercise replays plus 6 wall mounted screens allowing visual channel information from ECDIS and radar displays
    • A Kongsberg Marine Polaris powered full mission bridge simulator with 4K projections
    • Break out room with kitchen, sofas and Wi-Fi
  • The content is delivered through a mix of theory, discussions, case studies, and practical exercises in our Centre for Maritime Simulations. View the Centre for Maritime Simulations specification brochure


  • Duration: 2 days
  • Course Options: (including GST)
    10-11 September 2024 | Launceston, TAS | $3,210
  • Course available on demand

    This course is available on demand, delivered at various locations. To express interest, please contact us.

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