Maritime Incident Investigations

Advanced incident investigations by trained maritime investigators.

Using Kongsberg powered maritime simulations, AMC Search can be contracted to support investigations into to maritime incidents.

The AMC Search in-house team has extensive incident investigation experience, including working for the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) on major investigations including vessel collisions, groundings and capsizes on all sizes of vessel.

Simulations are generated from multiple data sources including ship voyage data recorder, AIS records, and VTS replays. 

If required, area models and specific ship models can be created to replicate the area and ships involved. 

Environmental factors can be replicated, such as wind, sea-state, swell, visibility, current, height of tide, to ensure that the recreation of the incident is as accurate as possible, such that the outcomes are as reliable as possible. 

The Simulation runs can be rendered into video files showing the view from the bridge, radar screen, ECDIS screen and conning display which can then be played back as required.

For further information or to speak about a specific project, please contact Capt. Richard Dunham, Manager Commercial Simulations on 03 6324 9850 or email

A visual output simulation of an incident used for reporting purposes.