Australia’s Temperate and High Energy Autonomous Maritime Systems Test & Evaluation Centre

Welcome to AMS-TEC

AMS-TEC is Australia’s centre of excellence for testing and evaluating AMS technologies in temperate and high energy marine environments. Located at the Beauty Point Campus and integrated into the Defence and Maritime Design and Innovation Precinct at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, AMS-TEC provides:

  • Controlled environments for AMS operators, designers and manufacturers to test and evaluate systems in multiple marine environments including estuarine, sheltered and high energy sea states.
  • A centralised controlled location for AMS operators to undergo training on how to operate and plan missions with AMS technologies.
  • Access to AMC's specialist engineers, sensor integrators and platform developers to support test and evaluation activities where needed.
  • Access to real-world infrastructure to test and evaluate AMS sensor payloads including wharfs, moored vessels and different bottom types.
  • Other services including providing access to specialised AMS support vessels, workshops and laboratories.
  • Access to digital twins, simulation services and special order surveyed areas to test and evaluate AMS.

AMC Search is at the forefront of Autonomous Maritime Systems (AMS) - both Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Un-crewed Surface Vessels (USVs). We maintain specialist capabilities in AMS training, consultancy services and AUV/USV charter. These services are delivered by providing commercial access to the AMS expertise based at the AMC which includes the Autonomous Maritime Systems Laboratory (a R&D unit focused on AMS operations and technologies).

Download the AMS-TEC flyer below for more information or contact Chris White on +61 402 064 691 / to discuss how the AMS-TEC could meet your project requirements.

AMS TEC Brochure
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