Digital Training Production

Digital training specialists

AMC Search is passionate about producing engaging, interactive, fit-for-purpose digital training products that help people learn in a meaningful and powerful way.

Our digital training development specialists are experienced in producing learning materials utilising multiple pedagogical styles, including gamification teaching techniques.

We can produce whole training systems or individual one-off packages, such as components to enhance your induction experience or safety and familiarisation packages.

3D Animation Production

A critical success factor for any digital training product is how the trainee interacts with the learning material.

Traditional passive digital learning materials do not engage the learner in a meaningful way making real-life scenarios difficult to replicate in training.

That's why AMC Search employs a team of 3D animation developers that take passive learning materials and transform them into dynamic 3D animated scenarios and when combined with gamification teaching techniques ensure strong learning outcomes are achieved in a powerful and meaningful way.

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