Customised Training

Over 50% of AMC Search's training is tailor-made to meet specific development needs of individual organisations

Training designed and delivered for your organisation

AMC Search has over two decades of experience developing and delivering tailored training courses to suit individual organisations.

Our customised training program includes industry-standard short courses delivered at a convenient time and place - often a client's own premises.

We can conduct gap and skills analyses to help understand an organisation's specific training needs, before developing and delivering solutions to meet them.

Training can be delivered face to face or online/onboard. Training can be provided at short notice due to changes in work schedules and crewing arrangements.

For cost and time savings, many training courses can also be provided at your location, as well as from our base in Launceston, Tasmania, and our Sydney Study Centre in Darling Harbour.

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Recent customised training

We have delivered training to hundreds of organisations spanning sectors including shipping, oil and gas, defence, ports and regulatory bodies. Our bespoke training solutions utilise our world-class maritime training facilities, particularly our Maritime Simulation Centre and our Emergency Response Centre.

Courses we’ve successfully designed and delivered to clients include:

Customised online training solutions

If your company has a specific maritime training requirement, talk with AMC Search about online customised training solutions.

We will:

  • Spend time at your company, at no cost, to conduct a thorough training needs analysis of the problem you are trying to resolve.
  • Work internally with our online training development team to identify and report back to you the most appropriate solution for your company.
  • Provide a quote for the development and production of the online training solution that can be housed on either your LMS or hosted by us.
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AMC has the ships, lecturers, sea survival centre, simulation centre, provides meals, accommodation, airport pick-ups and more. I don’t believe there’s any other provider in the country that can do it all like that.

David Imhoff, Autralian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

Case study: AMSA Hazardous and Noxious Subtance training

For the third year running, firefighters from a specialist unit in New South Wales completed a five-day bespoke training course that equips them to assess hazardous substances at sea.

The course was designed from scratch to meet the exact requirements of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), who enforce Australia’s commitment to an international protocol to respond to hazardous and noxious substances on vessels.

The firefighters spend a day in the classroom learning about the shipping industry, before getting a tour of a freight vessel from its Master and practicing sea survival techniques in AMC’s survival centre, which includes a large indoor pool adjacent to a mock-up of a ship’s superstructure.

Next, they carry out vessel boarding practice and pilot ladder training at AMC’s training vessels, as well as carrying out man-over-board, lifeboat drills and chemical incident exercises.

Their final day is spent in AMC’s Simulation Centre, where they carry out simulated exercises in the Full Mission Bridge and the Tug Simulators to approach vessels and communicate with the bridge crew.

Bespoke training prepares firefighters to assess hazardous substances at sea