Ship Manoeuvring Studies

Simulations that optimise ship movements in new or evolving port operations and complex navigational situations.

AMC Search provides simulation services for how vessel(s) will behave in a specific location under various environmental conditions.

The in-house team can create individual ship models or provide operators with access to a library of 100s of different vessels and types.

The simulations are specifically designed to ensure that when a new vessel or infrastructure project is introduced to an existing port, operators will know how to manage the situation safely and effectively. This includes:

  • Simulating the manoeuvrability of how a new vessel in a port or off specific berths and assessing the tug requirements for the manoeuvre. 
  • Simulating how vessels will behave in new port developments
  • Using simulation to explore the operational envelope of particular vessel types and sizes 
  • Simulating emergency scenarios and developing operational procedures to manage such emergencies

Past project examples:

  • Port of Melbourne Corporation, deep draught tanker study
  • Royal Caribbean Line Port feasibility and familiarisation

For further information or to speak about a specific project, please contact Capt. Richard Dunham, Manager Commercial SImulations on 03 6324 9850 or email