Port Operations and Marine Transport Planning

Reliably simulate the operational impact of changes to a port to improve outcomes.

Port Operations Planning

AMC Search port operations planning help organisations to optimise all operational interactions in a port or terminal.

Using logistics specialists and the Kongsberg powered Centre for Maritime Simulations, AMC Search work closely with organisations to analyse ways to improve efficiencies within a port or terminal to help guide investment decisions.

Using both specialist inputs combined with our in-house modelling capability, multiple simulations can be generated allowing for a deep analysis of problems and solving operational and strategic issues.

The planning simulations are flexible and can be applied to a range of shipping and logistics industries.

Marine Transport Planning

AMC Search marine transport planning services help organisations to write effective transport plans.

Marine transport planning is a complex exercise loaded with risk, but effective simulation modelling allows organisations to identify improvements and make amendments to enhance marine transport systems.

Marine transport simulations enable organisations to experiment with different systems in a controlled environment that help guide investment decisions or present a case to justify investing in new infrastructure and operational plans.


For further information or to speak about a specific project, please contact Capt. Richard Dunham, Manager Commercial Simulations on 03 6324 9850 or email richard.dunham@amc.edu.au.

A visual simulation used to demonstrate an improvement to shipping movements in the Port of Melbourne.