AMC Search delivers engineering and consultancy services in naval architecture, maritime engineering, drafting and 3D modelling, maritime infrastructure and Autonomous Maritime Systems.

However, AMC Search is like no other maritime engineering and consultancy organisation. We are acutely focused on client services, have access to a talented pool of maritime engineering specialists and can provide client access to world-class Test & Evaluation engineering facilities. 

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What we do

Naval Architecture

AMC Search Naval Architecture capabilities focus on small work packages and sub-contracting services to lead contractors, including providing project surge support. We also provide commercial access to Australia's only available towing tank and model test basin.

Naval Architecture

Maritime Engineering

AMC Search has extensive capabilities in marine engineering including in structural design and analysis, vessel outfitting, system integration and safety. All engineering design and analysis is conducted in accordance with appropriate Australian Standard and applicable classification society regulations.

Maritime Engineering Services

Maritime Infrastructure Engineering

AMC Search delivers an extensive suite of maritime infrastructure engineering services. Services include Port Planning, mooring analysis, navigation assessments, larger vessel studies, concept jetty/marina berth configurations and independent peer review of engineering reports/proposals for major maritime infrastructure developments.

Maritime Infrastructure Engineering

Drafting and 3D Modelling

AMC Search offers a range of drafting and 3D modelling services using industry standard software including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD and Rhino.

Drafting and 3D modelling

Autonomous Maritime Systems

AMC Search is at the forefront of Autonomous Maritime Systems engineering.

Autonomous Maritime Systems

Marine energy systems

Numerical and physical modelling for device validation and testing, in-situ field deployment and testing for both conventional and renewable energy systems.

Marine Energy Systems

Test & Evaluation

AMC Search Test & Evaluation services are helping industry to innovate and make objective, quality evidence based decisions to support ongoing investment objectives.



AMC Search have delivered consulting services for some of the world’s most well-known companies including:

Flinders Ports
Global Marine Design
Incat Crowther
Norman Wright Sons
Oceanic Design Survey
One 2 Three
Port Authority Nsw
Rio Tinto
Southerly Designs
Spirit Of Tasmania
Strategic Marine
Stronach Associates