Marine Energy Systems

Consulting services for the marine energy systems sector

AMC Search has extensive experience consulting for the marine energy sector, with a focus on wave and tidal energy generation.

Our strong track record includes validation of novel energy devices, from concepts to scale models and full-scale prototypes, using numerical simulation, tank testing and in-situ field trials.

Our consultants are drawn from the Australian Maritime College’s world-leading marine renewable energy research group, which leads multi-million-dollar marine renewable energy projects, including AUSTEn. Their research consulting expertise is complemented by engineering and project management support.

Marine energy consulting services are provided using numerical simulation and scale model tank testing in the Australian Maritime College’s world class facilities, to which we have exclusive commercial access.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Concept assessment and validation
  • Device validation and tank testing
  • Full scale in-situ testing
  • Testing conventional and renewable energy systems
  • Seabed survey and sediment coring
  • Geophysical survey and mapping
  • Survivability in extreme conditions
  • Field engineering support

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