Client: LOMOcean Design Ltd

Investigations into the resistance and powering of a 34m monohull workboat

AMC Search worked with LOMOcean to investigate the resistance and powering of a 34m monohull workboat design concept. Hydrodynamic scale model tests were conducting in AMC’s Towing Tank using a 1:17 scale hull model.

AMCS consultants measured the total model resistance, speed and forward and aft sinkages at three displacements for different load conditions. All runs were recorded on video and provided to the client.

Full scale powering predictions were subsequently made by converting from model to full scale ship using the ITTC performance prediction method.

Detailed results provided to the client demonstrated that the hull’s dynamic efficiency was better than average.

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I have been working with the team at AMC for over 2 decades, during this period the team has been universally outstanding with regard to professionalism and easy going support. They are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. The accurate & reliable results gained from the experiments provide me with the confidence to push norms and investigate otherwise unthinkable hydrodynamic shapes in our quest for hull efficiency and sea-kindly forms.

Craig Loomes, Director, LOMOcean Design

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