Client: Norman R Wright and Sons

Resistance tests and powering estimates for File 476 pilot boat

AMC Search and Norman R Wright and Sons have collaborated on vessel design testing for over 30 years

AMC Search worked with Norman R Wright and Sons to investigate the calm water performance of a 14.5m pilot boat.

Hydrodynamic scale model tests were conducted in AMC’s Towing Tank using a 1:10 scale model manufactured in-house at AMC to meet ITTC standards.

A total of 51 runs measured model resistance, speed and forward and aft sinkages. All runs were recorded on video and provided to the client.

Full scale powering predictions were subsequently made by converting from model to full scale ship using the ITTC performance prediction method.

The model test results were compared with those of similar models tested at AMC and demonstrated that the vessel compared favorably across the entire speed range.

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From 1988 we’ve always tested here – it’s very professional, competitively priced and we get treated extremely well when we’re here. If I have unknowns, I can go and talk to [Towing Tank Manager] Gregor Macfarlane or his team and they’ll go out of their way to help me. When I’m back in Brisbane, if I have a question I know they can answer I’ll give them a call and they’re always extremely helpful. And that high level of client service goes a long way.

Bill Wright

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