Harbour Towage / Push-Pull and Line Towage

This training program is a combination of theoretical lecturing, instruction, and practical training in the simulator on either conventional or Azimuthal propulsion tugs.

Some examples of the topics addressed during this course are:

  • Connecting to moored vessels and to vessels at low to moderate speed, with and without current
  • Coming alongside a ship at speed to connect for pilot transfer 
  • Follow up on pilot commands 
  • Push and Pull 
  • Direct arrest 
  • Direct steering assist 
  • Coping with and avoiding the influence of ship/tug interaction 
  • Getting more insight in assisting 
  • Speeding up your manoeuvres 
  • Dealing with push pull at speed 
  • Avoiding and creating donkey effects

Course Entry Prerequisite

There are no formal entry requirements but it is expected that the candidates will have undergone prior tug training such as the Tug Knowledge and Basic Tug Handling course or 1 year experience on tugs.


The following certificate will be issued by AMC and Kotug Training and Consulting to participants who successfully complete* the course:

  • Harbour Towage / Push-Pull and Line Towage

*100% attendance, full participation and completion of all exercises is required.

  • Duration: 5 days
  • No course options currently available

    We do not currently have any scheduled openings for this course.
    To express interest, please contact us.

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