Tug Knowledge / Basic Tug Handling

The course takes place in a state-of-the-art simulator but can be combined with practical training on board a tug if the client requires. The course can be based on either conventional or Azimuthal propulsion tug types as required by the client.

The Basic Tug handling course will be tailored to the candidate’s experience and will provide both the underlying theoretical knowledge and practical training for:

  • Tug Design Factors
  • Various types of harbour tugs 
  • Assisting methods 
  • Tug capabilities and limitations 
  • Tug capacity requirements 
  • Interaction and tug safety 
  • Towing equipment 
  • Forces working on a tug 
  • Force vectors 
  • Turning moments
  • Tug terminology
  • Mooring 
  • Unmooring 
  • Sailing ahead and astern 
  • Turning 
  • Side stepping 
  • Emergency stops 
  • Coping with currents, wind, waves and other relevant aspects

Course Entry Prerequisite

Trainee needs to have completed the online training module before attending.


The following certificate will be issued by AMC and Kotug Training and Consulting to participants who successfully complete* the course:

  • Tug Knowledge / Basic Tug Handling

*100% attendance, full participation and completion of all exercises is required.

  • Duration: 5 days
  • No course options currently available

    We do not currently have any scheduled openings for this course.
    To express interest, please contact us.

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