Bulk Carrier Cargo Plans Explained (Load and Unload) (Online)


Cargo plans are an essential communication tool between ship and shore when loading and unloading a bulk carrier. The cargo plan sets out how the ship is loaded or unloaded, ensuring this is done in a safe manner. This course will take you through the contents of a loading/unloading plan to ensure you understand all aspects of the plan. Whether you work on the ship or shore, you must know what the plan contains and how this impacts on the operation at hand. This course will clearly demonstrate how the information is used and the responsibilities in respect to the cargo plan.

Delivery Method:100% online training and assessment
Designed for:
Master, Senior Deck Officers, Junior Deck Officers, Deck Ratings, Dry Bulk Cargo Loading Terminal and Dry Bulk Cargo Unloading/Discharge Terminal.
Content Types:Written material, images, video, animations, 3D scenarios
Learning Outcomes:Upon successful completion of this training, participants will:
1. Know what information is contained in a cargo load/discharge plan
2. Understand the requirement for a load/discharge plan to be strictly followed
3. Explain the responsibility for developing a load/discharge plan 
4. Show an appreciation of minimising hatch changes when loading/discharging
Assessment:An assessment will be provided at the end of the course (fully online), you will have unlimited attempts to achieve the 100% pass mark.
References:IMSBC Code, BLU Code
Certification:Australian Maritime College Completion Statement.
Duration:Approximately 30 minutes
Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad
Product Code:003-038  |  Version 2, 27 June 2023
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