Role of the Terminal Representative for Bulk Cargoes (Online)


This course is designed to provide students with the role and responsibility of the Terminal Representative, as required by the IMSBC Code. The course covers the role from prior to the ship arriving into port, during the load/discharge up until departure. This is a core course for anyone undertaking the role or training to be a terminal representative.

Delivery Method:100% online training and assessment
Designed for:Masters, Senior Deck Officers, Junior Deck Officers, Dry Bulk Carrier Loading Terminal, Dry Bulk Cargo Unloading/Discharge Terminal
Content Types:Written material, images, videos, animation
Learning Outcomes:Upon successful completion of this training, participants will:
1. Understand why a Terminal representative is appointed
2. Know who has authority in respect to load and discharge procedures
3. Be able to identify the requirements for information exchange prior to a vessel arriving at the terminal
4. Understand the types of emergencies that can occur with bulk carriers and terminal
5. Know the basic responses to emergencies at the terminal
Assessment:An assessment will be provided at the end of the course (fully online), you will have unlimited attempts to achieve the 100% pass mark.
References:IMSBC Code, BLU Code, BLU Manual
Certification:Australian Maritime College Completion Statement.
Duration:Approximately 30 minutes
Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad
Product Code:09-012  |  Version 2, 16 November 2023
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