GMDSS Communications


Course also known as: Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Designed for participants who wish to apply for an AMSA GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC). Australia's best-equipped GMDSS training facilities.

A GMDSS simulator in our Sydney Study Centre simulates all GMDSS equipment on ships, from DOS-based systems to the latest touch-screen systems. It also offers shore-based radio stations for hands-on experience. Launceston students train in a live GMDSS laboratory.

GMDSS is taught by Sanjiv Bhatia, a highly-rated and experienced maritime lecturer who combines teaching with crewing on bulk carriers, tankers and passenger ships.

Who should participate?

Anyone who wishes to apply for an AMSA GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC).

Entry Guidance

Participants will require a working knowledge of English as a second language and basic proficiency in the use of computers is required to undertake this course.


The following certificate will be issued by AMC to participants who successfully complete* the course:

  • GMDSS General Operators Certificate Course (AMSA approved), meeting the requirements of STCW Reg IV/2 and Code Section A-IV/2, Table A-IV/2

*100% attendance, full participation and completion of all exercises is required.

Approved By

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). 

AMSA approved, in accordance with Marine Order 70 (Seafarer Certification) 2014, Section 21A.
Participants are entitled to apply for a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System General Operator’s Certificate, issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

Accepted By 

Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping  |  Bahamas Maritime Authority  |  Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority  |  Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands  |  Marine Department of Hong Kong  |  Liberian Registry  |  Republic of Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator  |  Panama Maritime Authority.

This is a very good course, and the concepts were delivered well. The lecturer is excellent, and his communication and delivery of this course is exceptional.

Craig Bloom


  • Duration: 10 days
  • AMSA Approved Course
  • Course Options: (GST exempt)
    24 June - 05 July 2024 | Launceston, TAS | $2,945 Join Waitlist
    30 September - 11 October 2024 | Sydney, NSW | $2,945
    25 November - 06 December 2024 | Launceston, TAS | $2,945

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