Port + Terminal

The world’s ports and terminals play a critical role in global transportation, handling over ten billion tonnes of goods a year.

Ports and terminals support cargo vessels, tankers, cruise vessels and container ships. Container ships alone make over 9,000 port calls a week, and port workers around the globe load and unload vessels more than 10,000 times each week.

AMC Search has worked with the port and terminal industry in Australia and internationally for over 30 years. We provide short courses and bespoke training, as well as research consultancy that supports port safety, development and innovation.

AMC Search provides the broadest range of maritime training courses in the Southern Hemisphere. Many of our courses are designed to help port and terminal workers qualify, upskill or meet safety standards.

Bespoke Training

As well as short courses, over 50% of our training is bespoke and put together to meet an organisation’s specific training needs. We can carry out gap and skills analysis and design and deliver training that works for your organisation. Most of our training can be delivered in Tasmania, with accommodation provided, or at your location.

Bespoke training we’ve provided to the port and terminal industry includes:

  • Port and terminal leadership development
  • NSW Port executive leadership training
  • Bulk liquids handling for PNG
  • Fender CGC gas terminal
  • Firefighting in ports and terminals.
  • Human factors
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Simulated training

Our state-of-the-art maritime simulation facilities include a Full Mission Bridge: a full-scale mock-up of a ship and its surroundings. With its advanced and immersive technology, the maritime simulation facility is ideal for port industry training in areas such as navigation and pilotage. Rather than off-the-shelf solutions, we are experts in putting together bespoke simulated training that meets your organisation’s needs.

Simulated training we’ve delivered to the port and terminal industry includes:

  • Advanced Pilot Training
  • Human Factors
  • VTS Operators
  • Tug Simulation
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Research and development consultancy

Using the world-class facilities and research expertise of the Australian Maritime College, AMC

Search provides the port and terminal sector with cost-effective consulting services that help it develop and innovate.

Our hydrodynamic and simulation facilities are used to test and develop designs for port expansion and development, as well as to improve safety by modelling interactions between vessels in restricted water port environments.

Research consultancy we’ve provided to the port and terminal industry includes:

  • Testing and developing designs for port expansion and development
  • Modelling interactions between vessels in restricted water port environments
  • Bow to bow towage
  • Port expansion
  • Vessel feasibility
  • Risk assessment for port developments for the Port of Melbourne
  • Whole port simulations – including emergency response.
  • Assessment of line loads + mooring interactions
  • Firefighting capability for tugs
  • Harbour masters operations re-write.
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