Mooring Safety Video

The video can be used as formal training for staff, contractors and visitors that may be working on the berths and need to understand the dangers associated with mooring and mooring lines.

Designed by Master Mariners and industry stakeholders, this safety video provides port operators/owners with an effective tool for training and induction for staff, contractors and visitors that may be working on the berths about the dangers associated with mooring and mooring lines whilst a vessel is alongside.

Using engaging 3D animations, The Mooring Safety Video provides critical information on Snapbacks and Snapback zones and the necessary measures that people must take to reduce the risk when Snapback events occur.

The video demonstrates:

  • The dangers of working around and adjacent to mooring lines
  • The areas of a wharf that may be impacted by a snapback event
  • Areas and activities to strictly avoid while on the berth
  • When mooring lines are most likely to part
  • Signs that a line is under tension and may part

Upon completion of the Mooring Safety Video, viewers will have an advanced understanding of safety around mooring lines and how to remain safe while on the wharf/berth.


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Below is a short demonstration of the Mooring Safety video:

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