The polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic are increasingly important for science, defence and tourism

Forecasts indicate that polar shipping volumes will grow and diversify over the next decades. The harsh and remote polar environments pose particular challenges for seafarers: low temperatures, poor visibility, lack of complete hydrographic services and reduced satellite coverage all make operating at the poles high risk.

Protecting the unique polar ecosystems is also a priority for governments and international bodies, including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). In 2017, the IMO introduced a new polar code for all vessels operating in the Arctic or Antarctic.

AMC Search offers basic and advanced training to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s requirements for all crew on vessels in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Bespoke and Simulated Training

Our state-of-the-art maritime simulation facilities include a Full Mission Bridge: a full-scale mock-up of a ship and its surroundings. Rather than off-the-shelf solutions, we are experts in putting together bespoke simulated training that meets your organisation’s needs.

We have experience delivering polar navigation simulations and training, and our simulator includes models of Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis.

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