Autonomous Maritime Systems Training

From fundamentals through to advanced level training courses.

AMC Search is a world leader in the delivery of Autonomous Maritime Systems (AMS) training. 

Our training ranges from short introductory courses to vocational level training targeted at operators and technicians to University recognised short courses. 

Our AMS training continuum has been designed for both defence and civilian clients and our courses can be delivered anywhere in Australia and beyond.

AMC Search’s AMS training is system or platform agnostic and includes both Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV).

  • AMS Fundamentals (Part A) course is an introductory level course that introduces participants to AUV and USV  technology, the key  terminology, operating concepts and system capabilities/limitations.
  • AMS Fundamentals (Parts A and B) course combines the theory of Part A with direct observation of practical deployment, operation and recovery of multiple Autonomous Marine Systems.
  • AUV Practical course will provide personnel with practical exposure and experience supporting the operation of AUVs. The course is ideal for people who want a start building their AUV knowledge and gain ‘hands on’ experience with the technology.
  • AUV Basic Operator course is for personnel who need to build their knowledge, skills and experience with operating AUVs.
  • AMS Technical Training provides participants with skills and knowledge to analyse vehicle performance, diagnose issues and conducting fault-finding procedures on AUVs.
  • AUV Mission Controller course is for personnel who need to build skills and knowledge on how to perform mission planning, operational supervision and responses to AUV emergency situations.
  • ASV Operator Course will introduce the participants to the breadth of study of maritime autonomous surface vessel aspects.
  • MASS Operator Course is designed for personnel who require the knowledge, skills, and experience to operate a Marine Autonomous Surface ship.

AMC Search can also design bespoke AMS courses and training options specific to defence, government and commercial organisation requirements. Please reach out and contact our AMS team to discuss your specific training requirement.

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