Autonomous Maritime Systems Training

From fundamentals through to advanced level training courses.

AMC Search is a world leader in the delivery of Autonomous Maritime Systems (AMS) training courses. Our clients include both defence and civilian based organisations and most of the courses can be delivered anywhere in Australia and beyond.

AMC Search AMS training is system agnostic and includes both Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), and covers off on all levels - from fundamentals through to mission controller:

  • AMS Fundamentals course is an introductory level course that introduces participants to AUV and USV  technology, the key  terminology,  operating  concepts and system capabilities/limitations.
  • AUV Basic Operator course is for personnel who need to build their knowledge, skills and experience with operating AUVs.
  • AUV Technical Training provides participants with skills and knowledge to analyse vehicle performance, diagnose issues and conducting fault-finding procedures on AUVs.
  • AUV Mission Controller course is for personnel who need to build skills and knowledge on how to perform mission planning, operational supervision and responses to AUV emergency situations.
  • Small ROVs for Marine Science is designed for people who need to build their knowledge and skills on the employment and operation of small sized remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in support of marine science.

AMC Search also specialises in the design and delivery of AMS courses specific to defence, government and commercial organisation requirements, please contact Mr. Chris White, Manager Defence & Autonomous Systems on +61 402 064691 or 

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