Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) C0103/1: Module 4 - Nautical Knowledge


This course meets C0103/1 prerequisite (element 2, option 2) and is designed for candidates wishing to undertake the VTS Operator (C0103/1) course who do not hold a maritime qualification.

The training has been designed to specifically address the elements identified in the IALA C0103/1 course, Module 4 – Nautical Knowledge. It meets the requirements of VTS prerequisite ‘Element 2 – Maritime Qualification, Option 2’. Please see the main VTS Operator page for full details on prerequisites (C0103/1 prerequisite (element 2, option 2).


This course is delivered online through the University of Tasmania's learning management system, MyLO. The course consists of eleven learning modules which need to be completed before attending the C0103/1 VTS Operator training course.


AMC statement of completion for:

  • C0103/1: Module 4 Nautical Knowledge

Note: Participants planning to undertake C0103/1 VTS Operator training will also need to hold either a Short-Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP) or a Long-Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP). Please visit the AMC Search website for the full list of C0103/1 prerequisites (C0103/1 course prerequisites).

Equipment Required

C0103/1: Module 4 Nautical Knowledge is provided using the University of Tasmania’s online learning environment, MyLO.

The course involves the viewing of multiple videos, which require a reasonable internet connection speed. 

Computer setup: Check your computer and/or browser are set up to enable MyLO to work properly by running a browser check.