Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Supervisor (V-103/2)

Course also known as:V-103/2

This course meets the requirements of IALA Model Course V-103/2 and covers the knowledge and practical competencies required in order to meet the requirements of IALA VTS Supervisor.

VTS Supervisor training comprises six modules (Advanced Traffic Management, VTS Equipment, Additional Personal Attributes, Responding to Emergency Situations, Administrative Functions and Legal Knowledge). Each module deals with a specific subject that IALA has identified in V-103/2 as representing requirements or functions of a VTS Supervisor. The training focuses on competence, using simulated exercises and assessments which have been designed to be representative of events and incidents likely to be experienced in a VTS Centre, and provides participants with the opportunity to exercise the role of a VTS Supervisor through exercises and simulation.

Entry Prerequisites

IALA approved V-103/1 Vessel Traffic Services Operator Certificate

Additional documentation required for the course

As part of the VTS Supervisor course, participants will be required to prepare a RPL portfolio during the course, which will comprise part of the evaluation of Module 5 – Preparation of Reports 3. It constitutes a direct link between each individual’s training and experience to the objectives of the course.

In order to do this, participants are advised that they must bring the following documentation with them to the course:

  1. Job description (electronic format if possible)
  2. Up-to-date Resume or c.v.
  3. Description/narrative of personal experience related to: marine / job related projects, marine /job related committees
  4. Copies of certificates/awards related to marine activities or responsibilities or personal development courses
  5. Description of own port VTS / LPS


IALA approved V-103/1 Vessel Traffic Services Operator Certificate

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Course Options: (GST exempt)
    October 19-30, 2020 | Sydney, NSW | $7,250
  • Course available on demand

    This course is available on demand, delivered at various locations. To express interest, please contact us.

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