Phase 1 of new Maritime Simulations Unit in Sydney open for business

AMC Search is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of a new industry focused Maritime Simulations Unit in Sydney is open and ready for training mariners.

January 24, 2019

After months of planning and industry focused consultations, AMC Search has established a master-plan for the installation of a Maritime Simulations Unit (MSU) at our Study Centre in Sydney.

The MSU is part of a maritime safety training programme being rolled out by AMC Search in Sydney during 2019. 

The programme will include both basic and advanced maritime safety training simulations in Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and STCW refresher courses.

Phase 1 is the establishment of world class GMDSS simulations, which are now up and running and ready to train mariners.

Phase 2 will see the full install of a VTS training simulations facility, followed by Phase 3 which includes the installation of a Web Enabled Bridge Simulator and the delivery of Australia's best value STCW refresher courses.

Our simulations training will be delivered by industry leading maritime communications specialist Jillian Carson-Jackson and Sanjiv Bhatia (pictured).   

Click here for more information about our GMDSS training programme or here for more details about our Sydney Study Centre.