New video introduces Patrol Boat Personnel to life as a trainee

An induction video for future Patrol Boat Program trainees has been project managed to success by students on a Senior Leadership and Management course.

July 01, 2019

Future Pacific Patrol Boat Program students will get a glimpse of life at AMC Search before they leave their home countries thanks to a new induction video that premiered at the Australian Maritime College last week.

The video provides a warm welcome to future trainees and familiarises them with the places they will live, eat, study, travel and spend their leisure time during their course.  

Production of the video was successfully project managed by twelve students from nine Pacific Island countries as part of their Senior Leadership and Management course.

The students spent six weeks studying leadership and management theory before demonstrating their new-found project management skills through planning and delivery of the induction video.

Course instructor Chris White was impressed with the students’ performance and praised the finished result.

“The students did a great job. Each and every one worked very hard, particularly when you think that they are being taught in English, which for many is their second, third or even fourth language.

“Their diligence and hard work really showed in the end, and the final product is a fantastic resource for preparing future students for their stay with us.”

The Senior Leadership and Management course is part of a program of training provided by AMC Search for front-line managers and senior staff who work on Patrol Boats as well as shore-based police and navy personnel.

Students are first introduced to leadership, management and followership concepts during a four-week Junior Leadership and Management Course, after which they can return to AMC Search to consolidate their skills on the Senior version of the course.

Galoto Filolita, who assists the Maritime Surveillance Advisor and Technical Advisor in the Marshall Islands, explained that although the project was difficult at first, the group quickly got into their stride.

“At first it was hard as we had no experience with many of the aspects of the project such as scriptwriting,” Filolita said.

“But we succeeded with support from AMC Search staff and by putting into practice everything we learned during our six weeks of theory.

“In particular, we learned how important planning is; without a plan, it’s easy for everything to go wrong.”

Fijian Lasaro Kacilala – who supervises Patrol Boat technicians – found the course built on his existing knowledge in this area.

“The course was very informative, I really liked it. It reinforced my knowledge of leadership and management, and when I go back to my country, I will recommend the course to others that I work with.

“After seeing the video at its premier today, I really appreciate the perspective of how such projects are managed and what we went through, from preparation to the finished video.”

Watch the Patrol Boat induction video

About the Patrol Boat Program

The Pacific Patrol Boat project has been widely recognised as Australia’s most successful Defence Cooperation Program, spanning 27 years and 13 Pacific nations.

Over 150 students a year come to AMC Search to train in all aspects of running the Pacific Patrol Boats — from Cook to Commanding Officer — before returning to their countries to put their new-found skills into practice.

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