AMC Search announces R&D partnership with leading British advanced maritime technology company

Subsea Craft (Subsea) – a British advanced maritime technology company – has today announced its first international research and development (R&D) partnership, with AMC Search (AMCS), the training and consultancy division of the Australian Maritime College (AMC).

February 24, 2023

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SubSea and AMCS will see the two entities collaborate on key strands of R&D in the advanced maritime space, as well as exchange scientific materials on different areas of mutual interest. Principal areas of partnership will include autonomous systems, training and evaluations.

As part of the deal, there will be an ongoing exchange of visiting research scholars and employees to the AMCS Autonomous Maritime Systems Laboratory in Tasmania, where AMCS is based. The agreement will run for two years from its signing date.

The agreement will be the beginning of a collaboration between the two groups which lays the groundwork for a more comprehensive future agreement.

Scott Verney, Chief Executive of Subsea Craft, said:

We’re delighted to have signed this partnership with AMCS, who are renowned across Australia and the wider maritime industry for their world-leading R&D innovation in the maritime space.
Our partnership with them will see us work together on developing solutions for future naval and maritime technology/engineering challenges – something that rests at the core of Subsea’s mission.

Dean Cook, CEO of AMCS said:

AMCS is proud to be forming a partnership with a recognised global leader in underwater technology and believes the exchange of knowledge, ideas and innovation will help to develop sovereign naval and maritime capabilities that will benefit Tasmania, Australia and the UK

Subsea is a UK-based advanced maritime technology company focused on developing solutions for future naval and maritime technology/ engineering challenges. 

>span class="eop" data-redactor-span="true"> Their work has seen them begin development – and now testing – of VICTA, the world’s most advanced diver delivery unit. 

The craft combines cutting-edge design, state-of-the-art engineering, and future-proofed digital capabilities to help it maintain its relevance into the coming decades as a special force’s insertion craft. 

With VICTA now in a systems integration and optimisation phase, as well as undergoing an extensive programme of sea trials, Subsea plans to explore options around exporting the product to a number of prospective clients and UK allies.

This is an exciting time for AMCS that is pioneering the development of advanced autonomous maritime systems training for the maritime industry and Royal Australian Navy and has an advanced engineering team developing bespoke sensor technologies for Navy platforms.