Rotor Tug Simulator Installed at AMC

June 25, 2021

AMC Search has taken delivery of a Rotor Tug model for use in the Centre for Maritime Simulations (CMS) in Launceston, Tasmania.

The new Rotor Tug model was installed for training current tugmasters employed by TasPorts, the major port operator in Tasmania who will be using rotor tugs in their port operations for the first time.

The simulation training focused on the intricacies of handling a rotor tug and gaining experience in a controlled safe environment. 

To enhance the training outcomes, area models of the tugmaster’s home port were also created by an in-house modelling team.

The in-house modelling team provided TasPorts with a major time and cost advantage because there was no requirement for outsourcing area model creation and alterations were made in real-time during exercises to ensure maximum realism is provided for trainees.

Familiar ship models for towage exercises were made available from AMCs extensive library of ship models.

To find out more about tug training opportunities at the Centre for Maritime Simulations please contact the AMC Search Sales and Development Team or call (03) 6324 9850.