Renewable Energy Power Station Deployed To King Island

January 13, 2021

Renewable energy company and AMC Search client Wave Swell Energy has reached a major milestone deploying their Uni-Wave hybrid power station to Grassy Bay on King Island.

The project commenced in 2019 and when operational will be the first power station in the world to simultaneously generate energy from three renewable resources; wave, wind, and solar.

AMC Search conducted consultancy projects in the design and testing phase of the project including testing a 1:30 scale model in regular and irregular waves in the Model Test Basin in order to quantity the effect of new features and acquire suitable data to evaluate the forces acting on the WEC during extreme weather conditions.

A total of 1005 test runs were conducted to investigate various parameters and AMC Search continues to provide Wave Swell with engineering support for this demonstrator, including valve testing and deployment, full scale data acquisition, data collection and ADCP analysis.

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