Australian First Un-crewed Surface Vessel Operators Course

In an Australian first, AMC Search, the training and consultancy division of the Australian Maritime College has delivered Un-crewed Surface Vessel (USV) operator training at the college’s Launceston and Beauty Point Campuses in Tasmania.

July 07, 2021

The new course has been delivered to personnel from the Royal Australian Navy who are training how to operate new vessels that will be used for Mine Counter Measures (MCM) as part of Project SEA 1778.

Project SEA 1778 aims to start the replacement of traditional mine hunting ships with a new deployable MCM capability that uses uninhabited and un-crewed surface vessels and autonomous underwater vehicles that can conduct mine clearance activities without sailors needing to enter minefields.  

“The transition to autonomous systems, including USVs is a technological leap for the RAN and AMC Search is at the forefront of training personnel on how to operate these systems” said Chris White, Manger of Defence and Autonomous Maritime Systems.

“Using a USV designed and constructed by autonomous systems engineers at AMC Search, the trainees are put through their paces via a series of exercises including mission planning, monitoring and validation along with responding to emergency situations”

“The outcome is that trainees are equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to safely and effectively operate a USV.”

“Beyond Defence, AMC Search is aiming to deliver USV training into other markets, especially in the fields of port management and hydrographic services where such technology will rapidly expand in coming years” concluded Mr. White.