First radio qualification for amateur sailors

AMC Search has begun offering radio operator training for amateur sailors.

March 02, 2020

AMC Search has begun offering radio operator training for amateur sailors from its study centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

The Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP) qualifies individuals to operate VHR and MF/HF radios.

LROCP is needed by anyone voyaging more than 30 kilometres offshore, taking part in a yacht race, or upgrading their qualifications to commercial ones such as Coxwain or Master Class 5.

Unique among Australian LROCP training providers, AMC Search’s course also includes a Marine Satellite Communications Endorsement for those on vessels with INMARSAT equipment.

LRCOP training is conducted using a powerful GMDSS simulator for hands-on experience communicating through short range terrestrial systems (VHF), Long range terrestrial (MF/HF) as well as satellite communications technology. You can also send distress messages to nearby vessels as well as shore stations.

LROCP instructor Sanjiv Bhatia said you just don’t get this kind of hands-on experience with other training providers.

“The simulators AMC Search uses for LRCOP training accurately imitates real-time ship-to-ship communications and ship-to-shore stations using highly realistic simulated terrestrial and satellite communication systems,” Bhatia said.

AMC Search is running two one-day LRCOP courses in 2020, the first on March 23 and the second on October 1.