Microplastics Workshop

Online workshop investigating how to reduce risk of microplastic pollution from ports and shipping activities.

AMC is seeking professionals from the shipping and ports sectors to participate in an online workshop to discuss strategies for reducing the risk of microplastics pollution from ports and shipping activities. 

Ports and shipping activities are suspected of introducing them into the oceans in a number of ways: through discharge of sewage and greywater; anti-fouling paints and coatings; shipping accidents; loss of containers/cargoes overboard; abrasion of ropes and netting; garbage and litter. 

Funded by DFAT, the online workshop will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2023 in four, 2-hour sessions. Each session will deal with a particular theme(s). 

The workshop is part of a larger study which includes a global survey of maritime stakeholders plus seabed sediment analysis from selected port and non-port sites in Australia and India to investigate the extent of the problem. Further details of the project are contained in the microplastics project flyer and the participant information sheet and consent for workshop documents. The  study has been approved by the University of Tasmania human research ethics committee.

Please contact prashant.bhaskar@utas.edu.au to confirm participation or if you require further information.