Debriefing Room

Fully interactive touchscreen chart table that supports debriefing for port development and feasibility projects.


Fully interactive touchscreen chart table linked to all simulation runs conducted on the Full Mission Bridge Simulator and provides real time information.

  • 6 wall mounted screens allowing display of Main Bridge Visual channels as well as information from:
    • ECDIS display.
    • Radar display.
    • Conning display.
    • CCTV (with or without audio).
  • 60” electronic chart table with touch controls and replay functionality to display information including:
    • Course and speed.
    • Helm, engine and thruster orders.
    • Tug forces.
    • Vessel swept path.
    • Environmental data - wind, currents, etc.
    • Capability to measure ranges and bearings.
    • Capability to make annotations on the charted display.
    • Ability to export data and annotations for final report.
  • Fitted with a web-enabled interactive screen, allowing live access to port data, video streams, and other web-based resources.
  • Conference room fitted with projector and whiteboard.

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