Client: Australian Reef Pilots

Project: Investigations into resistance and powering of pilot boats

AMC Search worked with Australian Reef Pilots to conduct hydrodynamic model testing to compare the performance of variants of its new Meyjes D96 Pilot Boat hull.

Calm water resistance tests and seakeeping performance were assessed in AMC’s Towing Tank for three hull design variants. 1:10 scale fiberglass models were manufactured in-house at AMC to meet ITTC standards.

AMCS consultants conducted a total of 170 model test runs, measuring total resistance, speed and forward and aft sinkages for each design.

Full scale performance predictions were subsequently made by converting from model to full scale ship using the ITTC performance prediction method.

The results of the testing provided the client with comparison of the resistance, powering and sinkage for each iteration of the hull. The results demonstrated that variations made to the hull form had increased its efficiency.

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We were seeking to improve on existing pilot boat designs, with the key objectives being to improve sea keeping, efficiency, and safety. We have achieved all of those objectives. We found the team at AMC a real pleasure to work with and their technical knowledge was outstanding.

Simon Meyjes, CEO

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