Client: ASC Shipbuilding

Wind and current mooring analysis

ASC Shipbuilding engaged AMCS to carry out a mooring analysis as part of an investigation into modification of a berth to accommodate two additional vessels, berthed end-to-end.

AMCS conducted a numerical analysis to predict motions and mooring loads of the lead and lag ships due to the effect of wind and current.

The analysis was conducted using the numerical simulation program aNyMoor.Termsim v1.2.2 [3] using mooring arrangements specified by the client.

A total of five wind and current directions were analysed and mooring loads compared to the safety criteria provided by Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) criteria and the manufacturer’s specifications.

The predictions confirmed that the mooring arrangements tested were sufficient to yield the berthed ship motions and estimated the mooring loads to be within the selected safety criteria.

AMCS consultants also made recommendations on mooring line pretensions and alignment to further reduce motion and enhance safety.

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