AMCS offers two types of Stability courses:

1.  Ballast Stability Class B, which is designed to meet the requirements of IADC/NI Comprehensive Stability Part B

Ballast Stability Class B is designed for participant involved in Ballast Control Operations and who need to progress to the Ballast Control Simulator course (Part A).  The course complies with the IADC/NI guidelines for the training of Ballast Control Operators on Mobile Offshore Units, and IMO Resolution A.891(21).  This course is conducted in our training centre in Perth, Western Australia and utilises practical hands-on training sessions, using a Ballast Control Simulator MODU.

2. Distance Education: Basic Knowledge & Principles of a Ship’s Stability – Course 1 and Advanced Application of a Ship’s Stability and Dynamics – Course 2

These courses are ideally suited for Container Ship Planners, Ballast Operators in the oil & gas industry, Stevedores or any shore based personnel dealing with ship operations where the stability requirements of the vessel are critical to a safe and successful operation, as well as seagoing staff wishing to further their knowledge in the subject.

Courses offered: