Productivity Improvers Lean Short Courses

In order to help deliver a maritime workforce skilled for the future, AMCS is offering a range of new training products from the maritime industry hub of Sydney. Many courses are offered in collaboration with specialist partners to combine high-quality with a maritime industry-focused approach.

In response to industry demand, AMCS and Productivity Improvers have partnered to bring a suite of Lean short courses to the maritime industry.

What is Lean?

Lean management (or Lean principles) helps drive down the cost of doing business thereby increasing profit margins.

This is achieved through a management process of mapping out the “value stream” of a service and identifying what steps are redundant, duplicated, inefficient, unnecessary or wasteful.

This process is all about eliminating waste during the production of services, and the successful implementation of a Lean management program benefits all organisations because employees, processes and equipment can produce more value for less effort. 

In other words, the costs of doing business go down and profit margins go up.


Why Lean in the Maritime Industry?

Lean is particularly relevant to the maritime industry as a major service provider.

Lean teaches managers of maritime businesses how to identify non-value-added activities and how to see and eliminate waste. It also identifies how to increase the value-added activities and improve customer satisfaction.

Learning how to implement Lean management principles in a maritime business could:

  • Ensure shorter docking times
  • Lower labour costs
  • Produce a higher quality of work, increasing organisational abilities 
  • Efficiencies can be made to processes involving an overhaul of staterooms, single jobs (for example changing an engine compartment), and emergency jobs (such as hull repair after collision).

How do we make the training relevant to your maritime business?

Lean could provide your maritime business with immense economic benefits. We use applied learning methods or learning by doing.

Lean is best learnt when applied/practised back in the workplace. Our Lean tools have been developed in a way which empowers and motivates students, while assisting them to develop key skills and knowledge required for ongoing active participation of Lean back in their day to day duties.

Productivity Improvers is a Lean consultancy business, based on decades of their Directors workplace experience and training. They deliver training across various industry sectors, with more than 1500 people having been trained in the last four years having developed and delivered a suite of award-winning University and VET training programs

Productivity Improvers work with businesses to create a continuous improvement culture, which aims to deliver sustainable methods for driving ongoing efficiencies and growth, and ultimately helping them become competitive enough to compete globally. 

Productivity Improvers are proud to challenge and support individuals as they change their approach to their own lives and make improvements.

Who should attend?

This training is applicable to all organisations and individuals seeking efficiency in processes. It provides knowledge and skills for establishing work systems and practices that support immediate and ongoing improvements to a business, targeting improvements in efficiency, waste reduction, customer service, employee morale and costs.

Those who wish to be change agents within an organisation, spearheading quality improvement and bolstering their leadership skillset will increase their capacity through Lean training.

Managers needing to streamline business processes methods to, improve employee acceptance, reduce costs, and increase revenue—all of which lead to a better bottom line, no matter the industry.

Available courses

Various training products are available and are delivered from our Sydney Study Centre in Darling Harbour.

Productivity Improvers are also responsible for managing the Elphinstone Simulated Work Environment (SWE) one of the only three Lean training facilities of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and the only one in Australia. Productivity Improvers developed a unique short course, 3 Day Lean Leader, incorporating the SWE, which has been fully subscribed since its implantation in 2015.