AMC Suggests a Maritime College in Engineers Australia

June 15, 2022

AMC’s National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics (NCMEH) has commenced discussions with Engineers Australia (EA) about the establishment of a Maritime College within its framework for managing professional standards.

There are presently nine EA colleges that set professional standards and provide a framework for PD and broadly cover most areas of practice in engineering.

Presently, there is no maritime engineering college, and AMC is arguing that the specific nature of the field warrants a college of its own.

The areas of engineering practice that AMC suggests should be covered by the establishment of a new EA college includes Naval Architecture, Subsea Engineer, Coastal Engineer, Ocean/Offshore Engineer and Maritime Systems Engineer.

A Maritime Engineering College in EA would amongst other things help to foster a sustainable throughput of engineers to the industry as it will receive greater attention and help develop an integrated study and employment pathway assistance scheme that incorporates scholarships, bursaries and grants for school leavers and a PD program specifically dedicated to the benefit of the sector.

In addition, the college will build upon the existing and new relationships with specialised technical societies to cater to industry-specific roles.

We urge our alumni to bring this matter to the attention of their local EA divisions and support this important initiative.

For more information or to offer your assistance, please contact NCMEH Director Vikram Garaniya via email