AMC Work Integrated Learning Program

Opportunity for industry to engage AMC students on internships

October 12, 2022

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program at AMC links students to industry across all of our education disciplines.

The aim of the WIL program is to help our students obtain real world work experience and to provide an opportunity for employers to build relationships with our best and brightest students, an increasingly important opportunity given the tight labour market.

An example of the benefit the WIL has to industry is Bhagwan Marine that has been participating in the AMC co-operative program for the past two years.

The program has assisted Bhagwan by bringing in highly educated & capable students that can both strengthen and develop the business whilst Bhagwan can also mentor and help shape students as they start off in the marine and offshore industry.

Ramezan Ashrafi (pictured) was able to go onsite for a Piling Project with Bhagwan Marine recently as a part of his experience. 

Mostafa Mohensi, another Cooperative Program student, said of his experience: 

"Working for Bhagwan Marine was a great experience as you get to learn applied knowledge firsthand from experienced and skilled engineers. The team in Bhagwan Marine are friendly, professional and from diverse fields so you get exposed to a wide range of knowledge and skills. I would say that this experience would definitely be helpful for deciding on my future and would assist me to develop my career, as a matter of fact I am already benefiting from it."

As we transition to offshore renewable energy, it’s imperative the marine & offshore employers participate in these programs to ensure we have enough adequately trained and skilled engineers to deliver on Australia’s future.

In our Maritime Engineering Cooperative Program, students have up to 15 months of industry placement incorporated into their overall study plan from as early as year two. 

If you would like to participate in the WIL program and welcome AMC students into your organisation as a part of their studies in Seafaring, Global Logistics and Maritime Management or Maritime Engineering you can reach out to AMC by visiting our WIL website.