AMC Search is in the news!

March 01, 2021

AMC Search is in the news, receiving great media coverage of the AUV training program it delivers to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Following on from the story last year that the RAN had selected AMC Search as its AUV training provider, the latest Navy team to complete its training at the Australian Maritime College Beauty Point campus was a team of personnel from Hydrographic Services.

The RAN Australian Hydrographic Service is responsible for charting more than one eighth of the world's surface and the nautical charts developed from data gathered by them are essential for safe navigation at sea.

Using AUVs to help undertake this work will add efficiencies and make measurements where maybe you don't want to send somebody such as closer to the seabed making operations generally safer.

Follow this link to read the story on the ABC Tasmania website and contact Chris White, Manager of Defence and Autonomous Systems, if you require more information about AMC Search AUV training courses.