Live Stream Maritime Simulation Passes Port Development Test

Clients successfully model new port using remote simulations.

August 07, 2020

As previously announced, AMC Search has introduced live stream access to the Centre for Maritime Simulations in Launceston for engineers and maritime professionals working on port development projects.

We are pleased to confirm that the system has been successfully operated by clients undertaking major port development projects. 

The live stream provided clients with a real-time view from the bridge, the conning display, and overview of position on the chart. 

For the clients who used the system, they were able to observe in real-time how vessels will operate in the port development, including the heading, speed, engine telegraph setting, engine rpm, depth, wind speed and direction, rate of turn and position.

Supported by real-time video conferencing, the clients interacted with the bridge team and the simulator facilitator in Launceston, as well as participate in debrief sessions. 

The clients also made use of the AMC in-house port and ship modelling capability saving time and money. 

This meant the simulations were conducted using ships of appropriate manoeuvring capability and port models replicating the new planned port areas that were produced by the team in Tasmania and modified and changed as and when required.

Contact Richard Dunham, Manager of Simulations, on +61 3 6324 3537 or email to discuss your project and how remote simulations could be used to provide you with access to world-class Kongsberg powered simulations during these times of travel restrictions.