Farewell Matt Best, AMC Search Manager for Maritime Simulations

Matt Best, Manager of the Centre for Maritime Simulations is leaving AMC Search to start piloting ships into the Port of Newcastle.

December 19, 2018

Matt has worked with AMC Search since 2005, starting as a lecturer in Marine Operations. He took on the role of Manager for Maritime Simulations in 2015. 

During his tenure as Manager, Matt has overseen a significant expansion in the simulation capability of AMC Search. 

Through his high level technical and practical expertise, Matt has helped AMC Search improve and enhance one of the worlds most advanced maritime simulations capabilities.

We are now able to provide our valued clients with high level technical expertise for Pilot Simulations Training, Port Development, and the Assessment and Management of Risk within a Port environment.

We wish Matt all the best for his future career and for more information on the Centre for Maritime Simulations click here.