New Course: Maritime Human Factors for Design and Operations

This is the first offering of this comprehensive course for people working in the maritime industry who want a sound knowledge of how to apply human factors in the maritime industry, to understand human capabilities and limitations and how this affects human performance and well-being. The course is focused on people in operational roles, regulators, naval architects and designers of marine equipment and systems.


4.5 days


  • Maritime systems models
  • Accident theory and accident analysis
  • Human Centred Design
  • Anthropometry and Physical ergonomics
  • Design of maritime control systems and control centres
  • Human performance and variability (fatigue, stress, situational awareness, perception and sensing, decision-making)
  • Safety Culture
  • Negotiating the regulatory framework
  • Using data to advocate for change in maritime systems.

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Course Outline

Maritime Human Factors for Design and Operations